Electric vehicle battery life

by:Mainbon     2021-05-28
The batteries used by electric tricycle manufacturers are generally provided by professional battery manufacturers. The quality of batteries produced by different brands and different manufacturers have their own advantages and disadvantages. In order to participate in market competition and reduce costs, individual manufacturers are fighting a price war. The direct consequence is that the quality of batteries is reduced due to cutting corners. Some consumers use the battery improperly. One is charging for a long time, thinking that the longer the charging time is, the more sufficient the battery is; the second is the long-term loss of power, and the battery is not charged until it can’t run; the third is the temperature is too high or too low. Charge it down; fourth, do not pay attention to the regular inspection and maintenance of the battery. The life of the battery is determined by the number of charge and discharge cycles, the more the number of charge and discharge, the faster the life reduction. This is very wrong. The charging time is generally extended within one hour after the charger is turned on. Long-term overcharging can easily lead to battery deformation and water loss. Thus directly endangering the battery life. Some users continue to charge the electric vehicle until the electric vehicle is stationary, which will seriously damage the battery performance. Multiple deep discharges will greatly shorten battery life. If there is not enough power on the way, it is best to pedal in advance to avoid deep discharge. During the charging process, the battery itself will generate a small amount of heat. Charging at an excessively high temperature will increase the temperature of the bottle and damage the performance of the battery. The temperature is too low. Poor battery acceptance, weakened activity, insufficient battery power, increased charge and discharge times, and shortened battery life. Many electric tricycle users go home from get off work to charge, and cut off the power when they go to work the next day. In fact, most chargers cannot guarantee 100% automatic power off when the battery is full. The best way is to buy a smart socket, set the time when charging, so that you can solve the problem of rest at night. Therefore, you should not charge as long as you have ridden an electric vehicle, you should charge it when the battery's maximum mileage is 60%-70%. Many electric vehicle users believe that the longer the charging time, the more sufficient the battery will be.
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