Electric vehicle motor fault detection

by:Mainbon     2021-05-03
Measure the contacts of the battery box, and you can immediately judge the failure of the car not turning due to the power supply. If there is no voltage display, turn on the power lock and the indicator on the instrument panel does not light up, it is determined that the fuse fuse is broken, the fuse should be replaced, the wire is off, the weld is broken, or the wire should be replaced. If there is a voltage display, open the power lock and the indicator on the instrument panel does not light up, it is judged that the power lock is broken, and you can replace it with a new lock without powering on. If the car does not turn, use a good speed control handle to replace the original one. If the car rotates, it is determined that the original speed control knob is broken, causing the electric car to not rotate, and a new controller should be replaced. Use an electric vehicle detector to test whether the motor leads have voltage, and you can immediately determine the fault of the circuit and the control circuit. If the measurement result is that there is voltage, it is judged that the motor is broken or the lead wire from the controller to the motor is open, which should be eliminated. If there is no voltage in the measurement result, it is determined that the control circuit is faulty, and the next step should be checked. Disconnect the brake plug of the controller, and then turn the electric handle. When the car rotates, it is determined that the brake switch is broken, and a short circuit has been caused. The brake switch should be replaced. If the motor rotates with low noise during riding, and it turns and stops flexible, and the motor rotates powerfully and rotates fast when idling, then the quality of such a motor is good; touch the surface of the motor after riding, if the temperature of the motor is high after running, then if If it is not your operation or there is a slope on the road, you should pay attention to it. It is likely that the design of the electric tricycle motor has failed.
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