Failure to start the electric tricycle

by:Mainbon     2021-06-04
Turn on the electric door lock of the electric tricycle, the battery indicator cannot be displayed, and the horn and headlight switch functions are normal, but the vehicle cannot drive. (Note: This type of problem also includes: opening the electric door lock, the battery display is normal, but when you turn the handle or use any function, the battery display disappears instantly, causing the whole car to fail and fail to drive! Stop for a while, When using any function, this situation occurs repeatedly.) Solution: 1: Generally, there is no need to consider too much of this type of problem. The main problem lies in the battery and battery wiring and the terminal. Same as the final solution to the first problem. First of all, open the cargo box and check whether the battery string is broken, or the hydrochloric acid oxide on the battery terminal is excessively accumulated. For such reasons, the naked eye and multimeter detection is basically invalid for this problem. First, prepare boiling water. , And then rinse the terminal, and then pull it with pliers a little bit harder to detect whether the wiring is firmly connected, if it is loose or broken, reconnect the wiring. 2: If there is a remark problem, it is generally necessary to check the electric door lock insurance of the electric tricycle, or whether the electric tricycle battery is seriously short of water, etc. Replace the fuse and make up the battery water. If the battery cannot be used due to lack of water, it is necessary to recharge or replace the battery. If it is invalid, it is necessary to check whether the DC contactor has a problem (Note: If the contactor coil Fever, you need to pay attention to the estimated degree of fever. As long as it is not very hot, it is normal. The actual temperature is normal within 90 degrees).
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