Fully enclosed tricycle market

by:Mainbon     2022-02-16
Simple and beautiful. When the two products are installed on the tricycle, they will look very clean, round and thick, bright and beautiful.
Easy to install. Since these two products are not as large and complex as the fully enclosed products, they are very light in weight, so they are very easy and convenient to install, as long as they are connected to the pre-buried foundation of the product with tailor-made steel pipes.
Wide sight. The two products are designed to be empty on three sides, and their fundamental purpose is to consider the safety performance of motor vehicles, so that the three-wheeled vehicle has a wide line of sight without affecting the line of sight in all directions.
Green environmental protection (FRP itself is listed as a national green environmental protection product). Our FRP products are much lighter than iron products, reducing weight and wind resistance, so that the motorcycle tricycle can save a part of the fuel consumption, and the electric tricycle can save some electric energy, and there is no noise when walking.
Safe and reliable. Tough and practical. In fact, the understanding of FRP products is still relatively unfamiliar in the eyes of the people of our country. In foreign countries, because of the superior performance of FRP, the development is very prosperous, and many products are replaced by FRP products. In our country, iron is recognized as a hard thing, but it is known that the iron sheet will rust, the service life is short, and if it is subjected to a strong impact force, the person is easily injured. FRP is composed of composite materials, which itself has the properties of anti-corrosion, rust, and flame retardant, so the service life of this series of FRP products is more than 20 years (except for collisions).
The key is its sturdiness and toughness. Within a certain range of impact force, the product will not be damaged and can return to its original state by itself. For strong impact, it can also play a buffering role, and has a good protective effect on the driver, which is much better than iron products.
The market is huge. Due to the economical and convenient characteristics of tricycles, the use of tricycles is quite popular in the whole society, especially in our vast rural areas, where the market is very huge.
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