Harmonious social development of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-05-17
With the rapid development of society and economy, the ox carts and human two-wheeled carts that were used for short-distance transportation on roads have been eliminated by history. Instead, they are low-carbon and environmentally friendly electric tricycles that are inexpensive, simple to operate, do not need to be licensed, and do not need to be verified. At present, electric tricycles have spread throughout urban and rural areas, and the number of them has increased rapidly. Electric tricycles have been used by villagers for the sale and transportation of animal husbandry, vegetables, fruits, and agricultural products; middle- and low-income families travel and pick up children; business people purchase materials and deliver services; laid-off workers and social idlers carry people and deliver goods, Illegal transportation. While electric tricycles bring convenience to the people, they also bring hidden dangers to traffic order, traffic safety, and traffic accident handling. Electric tricycles are one of the important means of transportation for the people, but due to the unclear definition of the law, the vacuum of traffic management has been caused, which has caused many social problems and even brought losses to the people’s personal and property safety, whether it is public security traffic management. Departments, and the general public, strongly urge the strengthening of legislation and management of electric tricycles.
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