How long is delivery time of tricycle bike parts ?
The delivery time of your tricycle bike parts varies depending on your location and the designated shipping method. Typically, the delivery time is the time we get the order till the time goods are ready for delivery. From our perspective, in the process of raw materials preparing, manufacturing, quality checking, etc. there may be changes in the production schedule. Sometimes the delivery time may be shortened or extended. For example, when procuring the raw materials, if we have most of the required raw materials in stock, it may cost us less time to purchase the materials, which may shorten our delivery time.

Until now, high quality children's power scooter has been produced by Mainbon Group Company Limited.. The electric tricycle bike series is one of the main products of Mainbon. The product has no foul smell. During the production, any harsh chemicals are forbidden to be used, such as benzene or harmful VOC. The offered product can be vastly used in the industry.

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