How many adult trike accessories are produced by Mainbon per month?
Mainbon Group Company Limited. adult trike accessories 's sales volume fluctuate slightly in different seasons. During the busy season, our products enjoy sales growth with superior performance and competitive prices compared to other similar products. For the rest of the time, we have been devoted ourselves in optimizing processes and technologies to expand our production capacity.

Mainbon has reached a quite high level in the areas of electric bicycle outlet production. The electric tricycle bike series is one of the main products of Mainbon. The quality of Mainbon hybrid electric tricycle is ensured. It is made by a quality conscious manufacturer who invests good money in conducting different tests, such as vibration test, bursting test, and compression test. The product has enough robustness. It is made of superior and strong materials that contribute to a robust, hard-wearing structure.

We have a clear goal - constantly exceed our customer expectations. We aim to respond to their needs or go beyond their needs by providing the highest level of services.
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