How much mileage does an electric bicycle reach when it is fully charged?

by:Mainbon     2021-09-25
How much mileage does an electric bicycle reach when it is fully charged? Electric bicycles bring great convenience to people's travel, especially in short distances, we can ride back and forth several times in a row with a full battery of electricity. In particular, the newly purchased electric bicycles have more advantages in mileage. Let's take a look at it with our Electric Bicycle Industry Co., Ltd. in detail. In fact, in actual use, how many kilometers can be traveled on full power? It is related to many factors. The factors related to the manufacturer are mainly the efficiency characteristics of the motor, the capacity and life characteristics of the battery, and the factors related to other objective conditions: the weight of the rider, the condition of the road that often rides, and whether the brakes need to be used frequently , What are the riding habits of the cyclist and so on. One more thing we need to understand is that the battery capacity will gradually become smaller as the use time increases, and the distance that can be traveled with a full charge will also decrease. When the maximum travel distance of the old battery cannot meet the needs of a day's traffic, You can consider sending the battery for maintenance or replacing it with a new battery. Of course, there is a standard for the mileage of new trams. Generally, the continued mileage of brand-name electric bicycles equipped with 36V 12A·hour high-quality batteries is about 45-60 kilometers. We need to verify some excessively high riding mileage to prevent false propaganda. When we buy electric bicycles, generally the mileage within the specified range can meet our needs. For more electric bicycles, you can come to our electric bicycle industry Co., Ltd. for consultation. For more news, please continue to pay attention to us The official website of Electric Bicycle Industry Co., Ltd. Thank you. Previous: How to repair and maintain electric bicycle batteries Next: How to test the shock absorption performance of electric bicycles
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