How to choose a children's tricycle

by:Mainbon     2021-06-29
The main reason for choosing a children's tricycle is to see whether it is a good frame, whether it is composed of good parts, and whether the parts are assembled well or not. After these three factors are scientifically combined, it can be regarded as a trusted child car. (Tricycles belong to the category of children's toys abroad, so the safety standard used is the safety standard of children's toys. Generally speaking, the EU EN71 standard is used to affix the CE mark to be sold in the European market.) The frame is equivalent to a human skeleton, with a frame It can be loaded with various car parts. The entire frame is composed of handlebars, front forks and the main frame, and the material used is generally steel pipe. According to the height of the seat on the frame, it can be divided into medium-high style and low-low style. The medium-high style is a classic medium-regular style-the rider's hands, feet and seat form an equilateral triangle, which fully adapts to the child's body; the low style is the most recent In the past few years, it has become popular at home and abroad-the vehicle has a low center of gravity, is very prestigious when riding, and adapts to children's poor growth. (Children’s vehicles belong to the category of children’s toys abroad, so the paint used does not contain heavy metals and toxicity) Generally, ordinary steel pipes are used, but also general clarinet and bright steel pipes. According to the diameter of the steel pipe, there are low configuration and less than 10 mm in diameter. For medium and high configurations with a diameter of 22 mm or more, there are steel pipes within 1 mm and 1.2 mm or more according to the steel pipe wall thickness. Foreign manufacturers also have frames that use materials other than iron, such as aluminum alloy materials. The high-grade ones will not be discussed here. Lightness, firmness, and flexibility are one of the goals pursued by the frame. In order to achieve this goal, it depends on the craftsmanship of each frame manufacturer. For example, whether the designed frame is designed according to the strength and characteristics of the material, and whether the welding process is mature. These all directly affect the appearance, strength and elasticity of the frame. The more important thing is the industrial spray painting. A good frame is evenly painted and sprayed with 3 layers of paint. Don't underestimate spray paint. Good spray paint can make the children's car easy to maintain and not easy to rust. In addition, there is a lower cost of powder spraying, which is plastic powder coating.
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