How to choose an electric tricycle

by:Mainbon     2021-06-20
Check the quality of the frame. As the support of the electric tricycle, the frame is equivalent to the bones of the human body. So we must first observe the condition of the frame. Generally speaking, the frame pipes of high-quality electric tricycles are relatively thick, and the welded parts are relatively strong. In addition, in order to facilitate the pickling and phosphating treatment, there will be drilling holes at the bottom of the frame, which can reduce the probability of rust. The pipes of inferior electric tricycle frames are relatively thin, the welding process is rough, and many frames are not drilled, so we can use the quality of the frame as an important criterion for judging the quality of electric tricycles. Look at the noise and power of the motor. The motor is the core part of the electric tricycle. The quality of the motor directly affects the quality of the electric tricycle. The motors of high-quality electric tricycles generally use brand-name motors or self-developed motors, which not only have more power, but also have very low noise. The motors of inferior electric tricycles are mostly brand-name motors or refurbished motors, which often have poor power and high noise. Therefore, we can judge the quality of the electric tricycle through the noise and power of the motor. When choosing, we can drive an electric tricycle, ride a certain distance on the spot, listen to the noise of the motor, and feel the power of the vehicle. Design of shock absorption system Most electric tricycles are used to carry goods. The design of high-quality electric tricycles pays attention to the design of the vehicle's shock absorption system, while inferior electric tricycles will not take this into consideration at all. Therefore, we can use the shock absorption system as an important basis for judging the pros and cons of vehicles. When buying a vehicle, the electric tricycle can be loaded on rugged roads. At this time, the bumpiness of a high-quality electric tricycle will be much lower than that of a low-quality electric tricycle.
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