How to choose and buy according to the style of electric scooter

by:Mainbon     2021-10-07
How to choose and buy according to the style of electric scooters In order to meet the needs of society and meet people's needs for electric scooters, electric scooters are emerging in an endless stream, both in terms of performance and style, and are becoming more and more abundant. We have more and more choices, especially some young people who are looking for new trends will choose some fashionable styles. Let's take a look at the styles of electric scooters and how to buy them with our Electric Scooter Industry Co., Ltd. Electric scooters can be roughly divided into the following three types, which are: Standard type: The motor power of this type of electric scooters is generally 150W, which is characterized by a simple and smooth shape, a continuous mileage of 40~50km, easy operation, and moderate price. It is more suitable for users who have a long commute distance and a certain degree of mobility in work and life. Multi-function type: This type of electric scooter generally adds front fork suspension, saddle suspension, headlamp, electric horn, etc. to the standard type. It is characterized by more functions, more comfortable riding, and at night. It is also more convenient to use. The price is slightly more expensive than the ordinary standard type. Luxury type: This type of electric scooter is characterized by a more novel and luxurious shape and more complete functions. Usually an instrument panel is added to the handlebar to display speed, mileage, voltage, power, etc., and some are also equipped with turn signals and language prompts. , Rearview mirror, toolbox, safety net, etc. The price is the highest among the three styles. You can make purchases according to your usual use needs and add your own liking for styles. For more knowledge about electric scooters, please continue to pay attention to the official website of Electric Scooter Industry Co., Ltd. Thank you. Previous: Tips for saving electricity on electric scooters Next: Precautions for electric scooters to travel in rainy days
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