How to choose the style of electric bicycle

by:Mainbon     2021-09-25
How to choose the style of electric bicycles With the development of technology getting better and better, there are many styles of electric bicycles, and choosing a style has become a big problem, so how do we choose our favorite style? Today, Shandong two-wheeled electric bicycles will give you an analysis. 1. There are three key driving methods for electric bicycles: one is wheel drive, the other is mid-drive, and there is also a suspension drive. In the sales market, electric bicycles are mostly driven by hubs, and hub drives are better at rear-wheel drives, and the front-wheel drive performance indicators are relatively poor. 2. For the placement of the battery, considering the balance of the vehicle and the convenience of getting on and off the vehicle, it is better to place the battery in the diagonal tube or the riser of the frame. The battery equipped is basically an economical and practical lead-acid battery. Most electric bicycles use 36V12AH lead-acid batteries; 24V12AH batteries are less likely to be selected by customers because of their shorter mileage. Selection of the use and model of electric bicycles 1. Standard type: The electric power of this type of electric bicycle motor is generally 150W. The characteristic is that the design is simple and smooth, the continuous mileage is 40-50km, the application is simple, the price is moderate, the selling price is about 2000-2600 yuan, which is more suitable for commuting distances. Long, customer applications with corresponding mobility in work and life. 2. Multi-function type: This type of electric bicycle generally improves front fork shock absorption, saddle shock absorption, headlights, electric horns, etc. on the basis of standard models. Its characteristics are that it has more uses, is more comfortable when riding, and is more convenient to use at night. The price is generally around 2500-3000 yuan. 3. Special type: The characteristic of this type of electric bicycle is that the design is more creative and comfortable, and it is more versatile. Generally, an instrument panel is added to the handlebars to display speed, mileage, voltage, power, etc. Some are also equipped with turn signals, language prompts, rear-view mirrors, tool boxes, safety nets, etc. The price is generally around 3,000 to 3400 yuan. The above is the selection method of electric bicycle styles for everyone. You can learn from it. Of course, it is better to choose the one that suits you according to your hobbies. I hope it can help you. Previous post: Popularize the knowledge of fire prevention of electric bicycles Next post: How to judge the quality of the electric bicycle handlebar
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