How to distinguish whether an electric bicycle is a tubeless tire or an ordinary tire

by:Mainbon     2021-10-09
How to distinguish whether an electric bicycle is a tubeless tire or an ordinary tire How to distinguish whether an electric bicycle is a tubeless tire or an ordinary tire from the appearance? Let me introduce two-wheeled electric bicycles to you in detail.   One is the air valve of the tire. The air valve of the tubeless tire and the rim are sealed by rubber, while the ordinary tire does not need to be closed, and most of it is an ordinary metal valve.   The second is to see if there is a TUBELESS logo on the tire, which is a symbol of tubeless tires. Another point is that if the wheel rim is spoked, it is definitely not a tubeless tire. Vacuum tires are tubeless pneumatic tires, also known as 'low pressure tires' and 'pneumatic tires'. Vacuum tires have been increasingly used in bicycles, motorcycles, cars, buses, and trucks in recent years. Vacuum tires have high elasticity and wear resistance, and have good adhesion and heat dissipation performance. Especially all-steel radial vacuum wheels, due to their economical durability, are promoted by the National Economic Committee and the National Tire Association to the logistics and transportation industry. The above is to share with you the method of identifying ordinary tubeless tyres for electric bicycles. You can refer to it and hope it will be helpful to you. Previous: Knowledge about fire prevention of electric bicycles Next: Does your electric bicycle have 3C certification? How to buy an electric bicycle?
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