How to maintain a long battery life for an electric tricycle

by:Mainbon     2021-06-04
The battery is the 'heart' of the electric tricycle, and only with its kinetic energy can the electric tricycle run. Such an important battery, like a woman's face, should be maintained and repaired in a timely manner to have a longer life! 1. How to treat the battery when the electric tricycle has been parked for a long time? It is very simple. In order to protect the battery, we can fully charge it after storage and charge it at least once every other month, which can effectively solve the irreversible salinization and short-circuit of crystal branches formed in the battery. 2. Before charging, must the battery be emptied? Just like the current mobile phone, the battery of the electric car does not need to be completely emptied and then recharged. It can be charged at any time. 3. Does the battery need to be charged the first time it is charged? is needed. After the battery is used in the factory, generally after about 2 months or even longer, it will naturally store and consume a part of the power, so it is necessary to recharge it, so as not to make people mistakenly think that the battery capacity does not reach the power indicated in the manual. 4. Is there any damage to the battery due to overcharging or undercharging? Yes, not only, but it is also very harmful! Overcharging exceeds the rated current of the battery, and the most direct impact is that the temperature of the battery rises, causing the battery to lose a large amount of water for a long time, and it may even cause deformation. If the charge is insufficient, the danger is that the capacity will become smaller and smaller for a long time, and it gives us the feeling that the battery is becoming more and more non-disabled. 5. The battery is often charged or empty, which is more beneficial to the battery? Both are bad for the battery. The battery is often charged. If you encounter a good-quality battery, it is okay. Tianjin Electric Tricycle Factory adheres to the national regulations. It is not good to charge the battery after it is empty, because the battery load time is long and it is easy to cause damage to the battery. 6. Is there a direct relationship between voltage and capacity? No! Voltage is voltage, and power is power. It cannot be said that when the voltage is high, the capacity is high, and when the voltage is low, the capacity is low. However, under load, the battery voltage and battery Power is related, it can even be said to be directly proportional. 7. What are the hazards of overuse of batteries? If the battery of an electric tricycle is over-used, it will cause the battery to overheat, which will cause the sulfuric acid in the battery to decrease, and the concentration will decrease, which will produce a special substance, which is easy to form a thick and hard crystal on the plate, which will lead to the battery’s failure. The power receiving capacity and use capacity are reduced. 8. Does the rated capacity of the battery have any relationship with the life? Yes, battery capacity is affected by active materials and utilization. Electric bicycle batteries have a certain volume, and the quality of the plates is also limited, so the capacity can only be increased by increasing the utilization rate of active materials. To increase the battery capacity, it is necessary to increase the porosity, increase the content of PbO2, and the specific gravity of sulfuric acid. However, these measures will accelerate the softening of the positive electrode plate, resulting in an accelerated decline in battery life. During the charging and discharging process, the active material will expand and contract (especially the positive electrode plate). ), the deeper the depth of discharge, the greater the amount of expansion and contraction of the active material, which accelerates the softening of the active material. Therefore, when the initial capacity is large, it directly affects the number of charge and discharge of the battery. 9. When do we need to charge and maintain the battery? What else do we need to pay attention to? When these situations occur. 1. The battery capacity decreases too quickly; 2. The battery is deteriorated and damaged; 3. The battery loses liquid and after refilling; 4. The battery is not used for a long time; 5. The battery is overused; 6. The battery is in a harsh environment for a long time; 7. If the battery remains under-charged for a long time, the battery needs to be charged and maintained. The note is to charge under the original charger voltage, with multi-level constant current charging. 10. Is the battery performance related to temperature? The temperature is high, the charging acceptance is good, and it is easy to charge; the temperature is low, it is difficult to charge, so we must be careful not to cause the charger and the battery temperature to change too fast in daily use, which directly leads to the deterioration of the battery charging performance, sometimes even Will cause damage to the battery.
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