How to maintain electric tricycles in winter?

by:Mainbon     2021-06-24
Since entering the cold winter, electric tricycles will fail frequently, and the most problematic is the battery shrinkage. In summer, it can run more than 60 kilometers on a single charge, but now the car runs out of power after running 30 kilometers. Mastering the common sense of vehicle maintenance in winter will bring great convenience to life and work, reduce the possibility of damage to electric vehicle components, increase the service life of electric vehicles, and save costs due to improper use. Correct use in winter, maintenance is very important, do not have insufficient power, charge it every night. When the temperature is too low, try to shorten the use time of the electric tricycle and charge it in time. Therefore, riding an electric tricycle in winter must not leave the battery in a state of insufficient power for a long time, and be sure to develop the good habit of charging in time at night regardless of the amount of travel. At the same time, the battery is best not to be left idle for a long time. If the electric tricycle is not used in winter, it is best to charge the battery every other month to ensure the storage capacity of the lead-acid battery and avoid damage to the battery due to acid overflow. The best ambient temperature for battery charging is 25°C. In cold winter conditions, you must increase the charging voltage and prolong the charging time, and take heat preservation and antifreeze measures, so as to ensure full charge and prolong the service life of the battery. Before going out, check whether the car is in good condition, such as whether the tire pressure is sufficient, whether the front and rear brakes are sensitive, whether the vehicle has abnormal noise, whether the screws are loose, and whether the battery is fully charged. In case of rain and snow, do not let the water flood the center of the hub, so as to extend the life of the battery and motor. After the rain and snow days, the maintenance of electric vehicles should be paid special attention. Lubrication should be done frequently in winter. The front axle, rear axle, middle axle, flywheel, front fork, shock absorber rotation fulcrum and other parts of the electric tricycle are scrubbed and lubricated once. Try to avoid zero start. When the electric tricycle is started in winter, it must be assisted by the pedal. Never start at zero to avoid a large amount of current discharge, otherwise the battery will be greatly damaged. During the driving process of an electric tricycle, under the premise of ensuring safety, the number of braking should be minimized and frequent starting should be avoided, so as not to affect the service life of the battery. If you encounter bad road conditions such as snowy roads, or when driving uphill, headwind, or heavy load, you should try to use human riding to avoid impact damage to the battery. In addition, do not accidentally damage the electric bicycle. Turn off the electric door after getting off the car, keep the inner tube air pressure sufficient, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, and avoid storage in a high humidity and corrosive environment.
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