How to make the electric tricycle battery last for a long time

by:Mainbon     2022-02-15
(1) When the red undervoltage indicator light on the instrument panel glows, it indicates that the power has entered the starvation area and should be charged in time. Timely charging will greatly extend battery life. Fully charge the battery once a day, and each charge should take 8-12 hours. Keeping the battery in a fully charged state at any time is of great benefit to its lifespan. If the battery is not charged in time after riding, it will greatly affect the service life of the battery. In severe cases, the battery will be scrapped. (2) When the electric tricycle is started, it should accelerate slowly; on the road with a large slope and when driving against the wind, it is best to pedal to assist to avoid high current discharge of the battery, so as to prolong the life of the battery and motor. And avoid burning electrical components. (3) When the battery is not used for a long time, it should be fully charged and stored, and a supplementary charge of no less than 24 hours should be performed every three months. (4) The battery should be charged in a well-ventilated environment. Avoid getting close to the fire source, it is best to remove the battery pack when charging to facilitate heat dissipation. (5) The battery is in the best working environment temperature of 15℃-40℃. Outside this temperature range, the normal operation of the battery will be affected. (6) The positive and negative terminals of the battery cannot be short-circuited to avoid danger. (7) Only use the special charger provided by the manufacturer for charging. (8) The battery is a special battery. Please do not use it as a power source other than electric bicycles to avoid damage to the battery. (9) Do not use organic solvents to clean the battery shell. In the event of an accidental fire, carbon dioxide cannot be used to extinguish the fire, but a fire extinguishing apparatus such as carbon tetrachloride should be used.
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