How to operate an all-electric bicycle

by:Mainbon     2021-07-11
Fully electric bicycle: It can be pedaled and driven by pure electricity. Electric drive does not need to rely on manpower, use the handle to control the speed, and achieve 0-20km/h infinitely variable speed. Equipped with a set of 36V12Ah batteries, the range can be up to 60 kilometers on a single charge, which is the mainstream of the current market products. Intelligent assisted electric bicycle: It can be called a real moped. It has a similar operation mode to that of a bicycle. It can be ridden manually or powered by electricity, without pure electric functions. There are special sensors that respond through the control system after receiving the action of external force. The so-called power assist is to control the current supply by the size of the human riding force to achieve a 1:1 combination of manpower and electricity. When the speed reaches 24km/h, the power supply stops, and the riding feels particularly relaxed. Compared with pure electric drive, the battery mileage of the same capacity can be doubled. Electric bicycles can be divided into friction drive, central axle sprocket drive and wheel hub drive by the power device selected by it-the structure of the motor. Motor types are divided into two types: brushless motors and brushed motors.  Friction-drive electric bicycles are equipped with battery boxes and controllers on ordinary bicycles. The wheels on the motor shaft are directly loaded on the tires and are driven by friction. The structure is simple, the cost is low, but the tire wears a lot, especially in the rainy season, it is easy to slip, and the energy consumption is high and the efficiency is low. Bottom axle sprocket drive type electric bicycle, the frame center axle is specially designed to install an electric motor, and the center axle is driven by the deceleration mechanism, and then the rear wheel is driven by the center axle through the chain. The advantage is that the center of gravity of the motor is reasonable, and the bicycle deceleration system can be used to shift gears, but the mechanical loss is large and the efficiency is slightly lower. Electric bicycles are composed of five major components: bicycles, batteries, motors, controllers and chargers. Due to the differences in the design and selection of electrical accessory components by various manufacturers, their appearance, function, structure, performance and manufacturing cost are different. Types of electric bicycles: It can be divided into two categories: all-electric and smart-assisted. All are equipped with power source, power plant and control system. As the power source, the battery also comes with a matching charger. The smart assisted bicycle is a real moped because it relies mainly on manpower and supplemented by electricity, and will become the direction of the development of electric bicycles.
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