How to prevent the electric tricycle from over-discharging?

by:Mainbon     2021-06-19
When the temperature is too low, try to shorten the use time of the electric tricycle and charge it in time. Therefore, riding an electric tricycle in winter must not leave the battery in a state of insufficient power for a long time, and be sure to develop the good habit of charging in time at night regardless of the amount of travel. At the same time, the battery is best not to be left idle for a long time. If the electric tricycle is not used in winter, it is best to charge the battery every other month to ensure the storage capacity of the lead-acid battery and avoid damage to the battery due to acid overflow. After the battery is discharged to the termination voltage, continue to discharge, which is called overdischarge. Overdischarge will damage the battery, which is very unfavorable to the electrical performance and cycle life of the battery. The internal resistance of the battery is relatively large when the battery is discharged to the termination voltage, and the concentration of the electrolyte is very thin, especially the inside and the surface of the plate hole are almost neutral. The internal resistance will tend to heat up and the volume will expand during over-discharge. When the discharge current is relatively large, heat is obvious. At this time, the concentration of sulfur*lead is very large, and the possibility of survival crystal short circuit increases. Moreover, at this time, the sulfur*lead will crystallize into larger particles, that is, form a This kind of irreversible sulfur* salt will further increase the internal resistance, the charge recovery ability is very poor, and there is no way to repair it. When the battery is in use, it should be prevented from over-discharge, and under-voltage protection is a very effective measure.
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