How to repair the electric tricycle battery not running far

by:Mainbon     2022-02-11
How to solve the problem that the battery of the electric tricycle can't run far? What is the reason why the new battery of the electric tricycle can't run far? A new battery that has been charged and discharged 5 times works best. You can't have this kind of battery. The motor and controller are aging, and the three-wheeled hydrocar can't run far after full power. What should I do? The battery has been used for a long time. Aging. Must not run far. Therefore, the battery must be replaced with a new one. The electric tricycle has only been replaced with a new battery, but the battery has not been run for a long time. What should I do? The battery needs to be charged until it throws a lot of bubbles. The battery of the electric tricycle cannot run far in winter, what should I do? Is it necessary to put some water in the battery? It is normal for electric tricycles to run not far in winter. In winter, the temperature is low, and the activity of the active material on the plate is reduced, that is, the electric energy of the battery cannot be fully released. If the temperature is minus 10 degrees, it is only about 60% of that in summer. In order to avoid damage to the battery, it will not affect the winter operation. The lithium battery of the electric tricycle has been used for a long time, how to repair it? Disassemble the battery, measure the voltage of each battery, if the voltage is too low than the waste product, replace the battery with the same resistance value and capacity voltage. When the voltage is low, it can be charged with a large-scale battery charger to remove sulfur and repaired. After it is fully charged, it can be discharged with the discharge circuit. Repeated several times, the battery can still be fully charged, that is, repaired. The electric tricycle battery can't run far, how to repair it? The battery of the electric tricycle does not run far. It must be a small battery, or the battery is aging. It is enough to replace the battery. There is no other way to repair it. Now the battery cannot be repaired, but can only be replaced. If it is a lithium battery, it is recommended to balance the battery. If it is a general block battery, check the voltage and capacity of the single battery, and replace it if there is any problem. It is recommended to go to a car repair shop for inspection or replacement.
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