How to tell if an electric bicycle is assembled

by:Mainbon     2021-10-09
How to distinguish whether it is an assembled electric bicycle The assembled electric bicycle is much worse than the original car in terms of performance and service life. But how can we laymen tell if it is an electric bicycle? Two-wheeled electric bicycles share a few distinguishing techniques for everyone. 1. Look at the inspection certificate. The original car has an inspection certificate when it leaves the factory, but the assembled car generally does not.  2. Check whether there are manufacturer's stamps on the various parts of the vehicle. All parts of the original car, including the motor, frame, front brake, wheel handle, seat, etc., will have the manufacturer's stamp, which can be carefully checked when buying the car. Some criminals may also fake the steel seal, but it is difficult to fake all parts.   3. Look at the logo on the rear-view mirror and the key. The original car has the manufacturer's trademark. In fact, both the industry and consumers hate the assembly of electric bicycles. It not only disrupts the free competition in the market, but also brings huge safety risks to consumers. Previous: The difference between brushed and brushless motors of electric bicycles Next: How to distinguish whether electric bicycles are tubeless tires or ordinary tires from the appearance
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