How to test the shock absorption performance of electric bicycles

by:Mainbon     2021-10-07
How to test the shock absorption performance of electric bicycles When buying electric bicycles, we must also consider the shock absorption performance of electric bicycles. Electric bicycles with good shock absorption performance are more comfortable for riding. Let's take a look at the test methods of shock absorption performance of electric bicycles. I hope everyone can buy electric bicycles with good shock absorption performance. Shock absorption is a key component that affects comfort. It is divided into front shock absorption and rear shock absorption. There are many ways to reduce vibration before inspection, here is a common method. Ride an electric bicycle, accelerate to the maximum, and then suddenly brake, the front shock absorber will be compressed immediately because of the inertia of the vehicle itself. The shock to the end indicates that the shock absorption effect is very poor, and the quality of the front shock absorption is not good enough. Inspection method of rear shock absorption 1. You can feel the comfort level through the back seat by riding through some speed bumps or ditch ridges. 2. Press down quickly on the back seat cushion to feel the comfort level of shock absorption. In addition to the downward damping function during compression, good damping should also have the damping function when damping rebounds instead of rigid and fast bounce. The performance of shock absorption directly affects the comfort of the vehicle. If you feel it is not obvious enough, you can ride a few different brands of different models to find the feeling. When we buy electric bicycles, we must not only look at the appearance and battery quality, but also test the shock absorption performance. We must consider all aspects to buy high-quality and comfortable electric bicycles. You can come to our Electric Bicycle Industry Co., Ltd. for consultation and purchase. For more news and information, please continue to pay attention to the official website of our Electric Bicycle Industry Co., Ltd. Thank you. Previous post: How much mileage does the electric bike reach when it is fully charged? Next: Instructions for charging electric bicycle batteries
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