How to troubleshoot agricultural tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-07-11
The clutch is not separated clearly. Reason: The clutch pedal stroke is too large or too small; the compression stroke of the separation lever is not enough or the three separation levers are not in the same plane. Remedy: In the former case, adjust the free stroke of the clutch lever to reach 30-50 mm; in the latter case, adjust the clearance between the three release levers and the release bearing plane (0.2-0.4 mm) to be the same, that is, in the same In the plane. Difficulty in shifting or unable to engage. Reason: The clutch is not separated clearly; the position of the shift lever and the tie rod joint is not correct, the fork is not in place, and the shift lever is disconnected from the pin. Remedy: If the clutch is not clearly separated, the clutch must be adjusted; if the fork is not in place, adjust the position of the shift lever and the lever joint to make the fork in place. Automatically de-gear. Reason: Insufficient force of the fork-pull spring; gear shift is not in place; the positioning groove of the fork-pull shaft is worn out. Remedy: If the gear is not in place, you need to adjust the tie rod joint to make the fork in place and the positioning groove is worn out. The fork shaft can be rotated by ninety degrees. The brake failed. Reasons: the braking force is inconsistent; the brake shoes are worn seriously; the brake lever is too loose. Remedy: if the braking force is inconsistent, adjust the brake rod nut; if the brake rod is too loose, adjust the free stroke of the brake rod to within 20-30 mm. The triangle belt is slipping. Reasons: ①V-belt is too loose; ②V-belt is severely worn; ③There is oil stain on the surface of the V-belt or pulley. Remedy: If the V-belt is too loose, move the diesel engine forward and tighten the angle screws, or adjust the towing pulley. The elasticity of the V-belt should be applied to the thumb at the mid-span of the tight side with a force of about 2 kg, and the belt should sink 8-12 mm; the V-belt should be replaced if it is severely worn; the surface of the V-belt or pulley should be cleaned with oil stain . The V-belt twists. Reason: The two pulleys are not aligned. Remedy: Adjust the position of the diesel engine to align the two pulleys. The clutch is slipping. Reason: The friction lining is oily, and the friction lining is seriously worn; the elastic force of the compression spring becomes weak or broken. Elimination method: The clutch should be disassembled if the friction lining is oiled, washed with gasoline and dried. If the spring force becomes weak or broken, the separation lever should be adjusted and a new spring should be replaced.
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