Implementation and development of charging standards for electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-06-12
The implementation of the charging standard for electric tricycles will standardize the separate charging methods and interfaces in the field of electric vehicles, which is of great significance to the development of electric vehicles in China. But this does not mean that the popularity of electric vehicles has entered the fast lane. The reality is that in addition to the problem of charging standards, there are a lot of other problems to be solved, especially the marketization problem, which deserves serious consideration. Power lithium-ion battery is a key energy storage method developed in the field of electric vehicles. Its technical complexity is relatively high, and its maturity has yet to be tested by time. At this stage, power lithium-ion batteries have a relatively low degree of marketization due to cost reasons. In terms of policies, the government has launched a series of policies and plans to support the development of electric vehicles and power lithium-ion batteries, such as the 863 major special project, 1,000 vehicles in ten cities, and car purchase subsidies, which have indeed achieved remarkable results. But there are also unsatisfactory places. For example, some local governments cannot keep up with the financial capacity and the amount of electric tricycle input is greatly reduced. Vehicle purchase subsidies are not well implemented. Most of the electric vehicles put into use in various cities cannot be given More accurate use of extended-range electric vehicles with proven effects. The problem in this area must be resolved, mainly relying on cost reduction, rising traditional energy prices and policy support. As far as power lithium-ion batteries are concerned, due to complex technology and insufficient verification experience, if safety and performance are to be guaranteed at this stage, the formulation and implementation of power lithium-ion battery standards need to be completed as soon as possible, so that the effects of electric vehicles can be improved To a clear judgment. Only by making it clear to both manufacturers and consumers can they meet the needs of marketization. A strict qualification review and access system can be established for power lithium-ion battery manufacturing companies to prevent bad companies and inferior products from disrupting the market.
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