Important factors in battery charging

by:Mainbon     2022-02-13
Since the discharge is deeper and shallower, the number of electric tricycle will be greatly increased. Therefore, according to this theory, frequent charging is beneficial to the cycle life, but the chargers currently in circulation in the market have defects such as high failure rate, poor reliability and low precision due to the influence of price factors and technical level. Sometimes Frequent charging will affect the life of the battery. The battery generally takes 1-2 months or even longer from the factory to use. During the storage period, the battery consumes a part of the power due to the spontaneous reaction such as self-discharge inside the battery, which cannot reach the rated capacity value. Therefore, before the first use , it is best to carry out supplementary charging, so as to avoid customers mistakenly thinking that the capacity is insufficient.
First of all, the battery should be fully charged and stored, and it should be charged at least once a month to prevent power loss, which can effectively prevent irreversible salinization and short circuit of crystal branches caused by crystal technology. Unlike other secondary batteries, lead-acid batteries have no memory effect, so no matter what state of charge the battery is in, it can be directly charged without discharging. Empty and recharge the battery, although the number of charging times is reduced, due to the difference between the single cells during discharge, some single cells may be overdischarged, and the charging acceptance capacity will be greatly reduced, resulting in insufficient charging. Charging, the charger takes a long time under heavy load, and it is easy to damage the charger. Based on the above, it is most reasonable for us to charge the battery when the battery discharges 50-70% of the power. Generally speaking, undercharging means that it is often insufficiently charged if it is not fully charged, and a thick and hard lead sulfate will gradually form at the extreme pole. , so the capacity decays rapidly over and over again. Overcharging means that the charging current of the battery is greater than the acceptable current of the battery. Overcharging is mainly a side reaction of producing electrolyzed water. Since the positive electrode of the battery produces oxygen and transfers to the negative electrode for oxygen recombination reaction, heat is generated, so the amount of overcharge is actually converted into heat to make the battery temperature. If it rises without control, it will cause a lot of water loss, and in severe cases, deformation and other failures will occur.
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