In detail, I will introduce how to solve the problem of the electric logistics vehicle running out of electricity.

by:Mainbon     2021-09-19
In detail, I will introduce how to solve the problem of electric logistics vehicles running out of electricity. With the improvement of people's living standards, the emergence of electric bicycles has met people's needs for life. Now electric bicycles are inseparable from our lives, but electric logistics vehicles have no electricity. At the moment, this situation makes everyone very annoyed. Here is a detailed introduction to how to solve the electric logistics vehicle when it is out of power: First, turn on the 'double flashing' light. What are the solutions for the electric logistics vehicle? Once there is no power or a fault occurs in the middle of the road, the 'double flash' light should be turned on as soon as possible to remind the vehicles behind, and try to move to the side of the road as much as possible. If the 'double flash' is not turned on in time, the vehicles arriving behind will not be able to judge the situation of the vehicles in front, especially when the road vehicles are crowded, which may easily lead to a series of traffic accidents. The second step is to set up a tripod. In addition, when this happens, the owner must not only turn on the double flashing lights, but also set up a red tripod at a place about 50~200m behind the vehicle to warn the coming cars from behind to avoid rear-end collisions. happened. The third step is to stand in the safe lane. If the electric logistics vehicle is out of power on the high-speed section, the driver and car follower should stand in the safe lane in time to avoid car crashes. The fourth step is to make a rescue call. If it is an electric truck owned by an operator, you should first call the operator and the logistics express company. Generally speaking, drivers often call the service hotline of the local operator. After dialing the phone, the operator and logistics express company will send customer service personnel to first inquire about the vehicle's condition and geographic location, and then choose whether to dispatch the trailer from the nearest operating point or a third-party company based on the actual situation. If some operators have mobile charging equipment, they will dispatch mobile charging vehicles to recharge the vehicles. If it is an individual operating boss, he will directly call a third-party towing company and wait for the towing to arrive. The fifth step is to find the charging service station before the trailer arrives. The nearest charging service station should be searched again, which can be inquired through a third-party APP. However, there are currently no less than a hundred car charging APPs, and it is recommended to use the charging APP software provided by the car rental unit. Generally, fast charging is selected for charging during the day, and the fee depends on the charging service fee in different regions. To sum up, it is a detailed introduction to how to solve the problem of electric logistics vehicles running out of power. I believe that everyone has a more in-depth understanding of this now. I hope my introduction will be more helpful to everyone. I want to know more. For information, you are welcome to inquire, or pay more attention to our website, we will definitely answer you in detail one by one. Previous article: I will introduce in detail what are the three principles of identifying and assembling electric bicycles Next article: Teach you a few tricks to make electric bicycles easy to spend the winter!
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