Instructions for charging electric scooter batteries

by:Mainbon     2021-10-01
How to charge the battery of an electric scooter. An electric scooter will last for a long time. On the one hand, we choose a good quality electric scooter when we buy it. On the other hand, it is the usual maintenance. The maintenance should be as comprehensive as possible. The tires are needed. Maintenance, the frame need regular inspection and maintenance, and the battery also needs maintenance. Let's look at the maintenance of the battery with our Electric Scooter Industry Co., Ltd. below. In the battery use, we have to do the following things: 1. The battery is charged as soon as it is used: the charging charger indicator light turns red and green light should be guaranteed to float. 2 Inhibit the vulcanization of the battery 2. Keep the battery fully charged every time you ride On 10-15Km of electric mopeds, supplementary charging should be made so that the battery is in a full state and the battery is used up when it is left idle. The sulfide capacity will decrease after recharging. The more serious the battery damage is. 4. Prevent battery charging: the battery charge output gas washes the plate to accelerate the shedding of the plate material, which shortens the battery life. , Add distilled water: A electric scooter battery has been used in June B. Electric scooter trip has been reduced (2) Add coppersmith nano carbon sol battery agent: A electric scooter slope, stroke reduced by 1/3B electric scooter battery We have done the above points in use, which can effectively maintain the battery and extend the service life of the battery. Everyone can develop a good habit of maintaining batteries. For more electric scooters related news, please continue to pay attention to the official website of our Electric Scooter Industry Co., Ltd. Thank you. Previous: How to test the shock absorption performance of electric scooters Next: Maintenance instructions for electric scooters in winter
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