Introduction of Fuel Moped

by:Mainbon     2021-07-09
Fuel scooter is currently the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly motorcycle. It has a low displacement, fuel consumption of about 2L for 100km, and a maximum speed of more than 50 kilometers. There is not much room for modification, so it cannot be converted into a weird drag racing tool and used by young people. Speed u200bu200bin the city, robbed by the speed gangsters etc. Fuel-assisted bicycles are mainly divided into two types. One is a two-stroke scooter similar in appearance to an electric motorcycle, and the other is a single-cylinder four-stroke fuel-assisted scooter. And due to insufficient combustion during driving, a kind of blue smoke will be emitted. The second four-stroke method doubles the number of strokes of the lever each time the engine works (that is, 4 times), which enhances the adequacy of gasoline fuel combustion and greatly Reduce pollution and noise. It must be pointed out that the power-assisted vehicles currently driving are basically the second four-stroke type, which actually has good fuel-saving properties.
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