Is electric power assisted bicycle manufactured by Mainbon exquisite?
Exquisiteness is the pursuit in the creation process of electric power assisted bicycle . In order to achieve this goal, Mainbon Group Company Limited. adopts innovative technology and implements strict quality management. Every year, a lot of investment is made in research and development to ensure that the technology used is sophisticated. A quality management team is formed. They are experienced and well-versed in national and global standards.

For many consumers in many countries, Mainbon is still the number one brand. The electric tricycle parts series is one of the main products of Mainbon. Mainbon tricycle bike parts is meticulously manufactured. The engineers will again and again confirm the geometric details supplied are correct before the commencement of work. The product is widely used in the current market and has a great potential for wider application in the future.

Our company bears social responsibilities. We have developed a comprehensive concept of sustainability management, in order to protect the natural resources now and in the future.
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