Is it illegal to install a carport on an electric tricycle?

by:Mainbon     2021-06-06
Can electric tricycles be equipped with carports? If electric tricycles with tents are illegal and driving illegally modified vehicles on the road, the public security traffic control department will detain the vehicles, confiscate the illegal devices and restore them to their original state, and impose a fine of yuan in accordance with the law. For illegally modified mopeds, the public security traffic control department will not issue safety technical inspection signs. For speeding, the traffic management department of public security shall impose a fine of more than RMB yuan and revoke the driver’s license; for violations of public security management, the public security organ shall impose fines, criminal detention and other penalties in accordance with the relevant provisions of the criminal law on public security management. It is illegal to install a hood on an electric tricycle. There is certainly no technical problem with installing a range hood, but since it is illegal, it will not be installed. Where can I install the transparent electric tricycle canopy? Many ceilings or sunshades on the market are this step: use a wrench to unscrew the hexagonal screws of the rearview mirror, remove the two rearview mirrors, and place the connecting rod (black part) of the ceiling on the rearview mirror and the electric car. Screw on the rearview mirror between the bodies. Step 2: Insert the two sleeves (black cylindrical part) at the front of the canopy into the connecting rod, making sure to push in as far as possible to make it tight. Step 3: This greenhouse is integrated and very flexible. Simply pull the rear of the hood to the tailgate of the electric car, and then tie the hoods on both sides to the body of the electric tricycle with a rope. If you want to make the hood bigger, you can even tie it to the rear of the tailgate. At this time, you are left with four elastic rods for the rest of the accessories, two of which are thicker and harder to reinforce the canopy attached to each accessory. As a normal traffic safety management, we will recommend that electric vehicle drivers avoid using the ceiling as much as possible. 'Captain Zhao Zhiqiang of the Public Security Traffic Police Brigade of Mengzi County said in an interview with reporters that after the electric tricycle was equipped with a hood, the center of gravity increased and the wind resistance increased, which brought inflexibility in operation, and the power consumption also increased significantly; On the other hand, after the electric tricycle is equipped with a hood, the driver’s sight and hearing will be affected to a certain extent, thereby reducing the safety factor of driving. An electric tricycle (English name: Electricallyoperatedtricycle) is a battery-powered, driven by an electric motor to pull goods or A three-wheeled transport vehicle for pulling people. According to the use of electric tricycles, it is divided into three types: household type, freight type, and factory type. With its strong applicability, flexibility, and low price, it is widely used in households, urban and rural areas, and individual rentals. , Factories and mines, environmental sanitation, municipal cleaning and other short-distance transportation. Electricity, as an important energy source with environmental protection, cleanliness and high conversion rate, is widely used in production and life. The application of electricity to drive alternative transportation promotes the low-carbon development of the transportation industry and reduces Transportation costs, energy conservation and environmental protection are one of the important topics studied by countries all over the world. After decades of development, it has been applied to electric city buses, factory and mine electric transport vehicles. After decades of development, it has been applied to electric city buses, Electric city cleaning vehicles, machinery manufacturing, subway construction vehicles and many other fields. Electric tricycles have the advantages of strong applicability, flexibility, simple maintenance, convenient repair, and low price. They can move flexibly between narrow roads. Electric tricycles are equipped with The reversing switch can easily realize the functions of reversing and driving. It is very convenient for driving and parking in narrow streets and lanes. It is widely used in short-distance transportation in families, urban and rural areas, single rent, factories and mines, environmental sanitation, and clean communities.
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