Is the electric bicycle fast charging station harmful to the battery?

by:Mainbon     2021-09-26
Is the electric bicycle fast charging station harmful to the battery? For electric bicycle owners, it is a depressing thing to have no power supply on the way. The emergence of fast and portable fast charging stations for electric bicycles has provided convenience for many citizens to travel. So is this kind of fast charging harmful to the battery of an electric bicycle? The electric bicycle factory will discuss this issue with everyone: the working principle of the electric bicycle fast charging station is to increase the current, the current of the fast charging station is about 9A, and the normal charging is 1.5A-2A, which is in contrast The current of the fast charging station is 5-6 times that of the family, and the current is increased to achieve the purpose of fast charging. Without pulse protection, the effect of short-time charging is obvious, but the damage to the battery plate is very large, which accelerates the vulcanization and aging of the plate, causing the plate to fall off and break down! And now more than 90% of the electric bicycle batteries on the market are lead-acid The battery is not allowed to increase the current for charging under normal circumstances. In addition, some electric bicycle fast charging stations are high-current charging, and some are high-voltage charging. Fast charging will cause the battery plate to warp and deform and increase the acid concentration, which will damage the battery. Therefore, try to avoid using electric bicycle fast charging stations to charge your own electric bicycles. When we use fast charging for a long time, we should pay more attention to it, which can easily cause an explosion. Electric bicycles remind you to pay attention to the maintenance of the battery to extend the service life of electric bicycles. Prev: Tips for using electric bicycles in summer after exposure to the sun
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