It's best not to go out on an electric bike during a thunderstorm

by:Mainbon     2021-09-17
It’s best not to go out on an electric bicycle during a thunderstorm. Recently, due to the influence of typhoons, there has been a wide range of heavy rains. Then in this kind of weather, electric bicycles remind you that it is best not to go out on electric bicycles in thunderstorms: although electric bicycles are controlled Electric bicycles, batteries, motors, etc. are all waterproof, but rainy days can still cause great damage to electric bicycles. The instrument panel, the electric bicycle controller, the battery, and the electric motor are the four major components that need to be protected from rain. From a safety perspective, the other three components besides the instrument need to be waterproof. Riding an electric bicycle in rainy days, especially heavy rain, is easy to damage the electric bicycle. The most prone to damage of an electric bicycle is the motor and electric bicycle controller. The car should pay special attention to the depth of the water accumulation, and it can only drive normally when it does not exceed half of the electric wheel. Therefore, the electric bicycle industry reminds the majority of electric bicycle users that they should be shaded in summer and should be protected from rain. Previous post: Is the fast charging station for electric bicycles harmful to the battery? Next: Can minors ride electric bicycles?
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