Knowledge about fire prevention of electric bicycles

by:Mainbon     2021-10-11
Knowledge about fire prevention of electric bicycles Electric bicycles can be seen everywhere in our lives. Now the weather is getting warmer and more and more people choose to ride electric bicycles. Today, two-wheel electric bicycles will popularize the fire protection of electric bicycles. consciousness.   1. Frequently check the electric bicycle's circuit plug-in points to prevent the contact points from being ignited and heated due to inadequate contact; to avoid short circuits and series electric accidents caused by line aging and wear.  2. During the normal use of the electric bicycle, if there is a failure, you should choose a professional maintenance organization or personnel, do not disassemble the electrical protection device without authorization, and ensure that the electrical circuit and the protection device are intact and effective.  3. When charging the battery of an electric bicycle, flammable gas will escape. Therefore, the charging must not be carried out in a narrow and sealed environment. It should be carried out outdoors as much as possible, or the battery should be removed and charged separately.  4. When charging, choose a suitable line. The line should be fixed and installed, and short-circuit and leakage protection devices should be installed. 5. The electric bicycle must be charged away from flammable materials. The charging time is too long, the charging time is too long, and the charger is overheated, which can easily cause fire. When charging, it should be charged according to the instructions. The charging time should not exceed 10 in principle. Hours. 6. When starting and climbing when the electric bicycle is traveling, you should pedal to help to prevent excessive starting current and long-term overloading of the mechanical parts, causing overheating damage to the motor coil, line, battery and governor, and even causing damage. Into a disaster. Try to avoid driving on rainy days and water-filled roads to prevent the motor from entering water and short-circuiting and catching fire during charging. As long as we use electric bicycles reasonably, there will be no fires. The main purpose is to remind everyone to use electric bicycles and put safety in the first place when charging. The above is the content for everyone. You can learn more about it, and hope it can help you. Previous: About the choice of electric bicycle charger Next: Analysis of the fault of the electric bicycle battery and troubleshooting
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