Knowledge of electric tricycle charging manager

by:Mainbon     2022-02-13
1. Prevention of battery charging
The built-in smart chip of the tricycle.html' target='_blank'>electric tricycle charger will automatically detect the charging completion and turn off the charging power in time according to the charging status of the battery. The manual and humanized timing system of peripherals makes the charging process under double protection. There will never be an overcharge of the battery, so as to prevent the battery from losing water during long-term charging, and effectively prevent the phenomenon of battery charging. The consequence is that the electrolytic water reaction (producing H2 and O2) occurs in the later stage of charging, the internal pressure of the battery increases, and H2 and O2 leak, resulting in water loss. When too much water is lost, thermal runaway occurs inside the battery, and the battery will bulge. If the plate breaks and sparks are generated, the H2 and O2 will explode when ignited. The automatic shutdown and timing system of the electric tricycle charger can effectively reduce the invalid charging time and reduce the battery heating.
Three, delay the battery capacity decay
Ineffective charging prolongs the charging time, causing the battery to heat up, lose water, reduce the activity of the electrolyte, and finally lead to the battery's capacity decay. The power-off function of the electric tricycle charge manager can effectively alleviate the capacity decay of the battery.
Fourth, reduce the heat generation of the charger
The greater the charging current of the charger, the greater the heat generated by itself. Even if the internal electronic components are not charged, it will consume electricity and cause heat generation problems. fire. Recently, there have been frequent media reports of fires caused by electric tricycle charging. Power off function of electric tricycle charge manager. Directly shutting off the main power charger is completely liberated, and there is no more heat.
5. Delay the aging of the charger
Everyone knows that electronic components are very sensitive to temperature, and the service life and accuracy of the components are directly related to the temperature. Has been hot. Its service life will definitely be shortened, and the terrible thing is that the accuracy of the components will be reduced, and the phenomenon of temperature drift will appear. Thus, the charging parameters of the charger are changed. The direct consequence of this is to charge the battery badly. The electric tricycle charging manager can effectively solve this problem, delay the aging of the charger, and protect the battery.
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