Large-scale application of new technologies for electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-06-03
1) Tubeless tires Tubeless tires, but the inner and outer tires are integrated, and it does not need to be inflated. The outside is no different from ordinary tires, but there is a layer of rubber with excellent elasticity inside, which can tightly wrap the puncture without leaking (extremely small). Even if the puncture is removed, the air leak is very slow. (2) 0 non-pneumatic tires Non-pneumatic tires are made of new porous polyurethane materials. The polyurethane material is very wear-resistant and strong. (3) Multi-function handlebars The handlebars have lights, dual rear-view mirrors, odometer and so on. The handlebar itself can be arbitrarily rotated within 360 degrees along the vertical plane, and can be fixed in any position. (4) Safety flashing device for driving at night. Some parts of the car body have been equipped with reflectors, such as pedals, rear mud plates or rear hangers, and front fork tubes of the frame. Now there are many kinds of flashers. There are a single luminous tube and multiple luminous tubes in the flasher. The brightness at night is enough to be clearly seen from a hundred meters away. A flasher is equipped with a variety of lighting methods, such as short flash, long flash, grouped three flashes, and long light. Press the contact switch to change the flash mode as needed. Electric bicycles in my country are also equipped with a handlebar flashing device, which lights up along with the headlights at night. When the headlights are turned off, the handlebar flashing will be extinguished. But electric tricycles have not yet been applied, and electric tricycles need to be installed. (5) Satellite locator. GPS satellite positioning technology, also known as GPS global positioning device, has become popular in Taiwan. This kind of instrument, which can be installed on the handlebar and carried with you, is not larger than current mobile phones, but has more comprehensive functions. The main function is positioning and navigation. It accepts at least three satellite signal data in different azimuths, uses the single-leg measurement principle to calculate the coordinate values, and can find out its own position in conjunction with the memory map. The instrument can also display the elevation of its location.
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