Main technical processing of electric water billet car

by:Mainbon     2021-07-06
The electric water billet truck is mainly used for the transportation operation of the brick factory. It sends the extruded semi-finished bricks to the autoclave or kiln for further processing. It does not require human labor. It has an automatic lifting device and can be automatically loaded and unloaded. Reduce manpower. Electric water billet vehicles are now the most important means of transportation in the brick factory. The electric water billet vehicle is powered by batteries. The battery adopts tube type. Left and right lining. Deep discharge. Traction type battery. Normal use for two years. The amount of content is not reduced. When the battery is replaced, the old battery is recovered at a discount. Electric water billet car motor; adopts DC series-excited traction motor, and the motor is equipped with a speed-regulating force-increasing device, which is not easy to be damaged in normal use. The transportation of water billets is a heavy manual labor in the brick factory. It is difficult to recruit workers during the golden season of the brick factory, and the difficulty in employing labor is a practical problem. Technical parameters of electric water billet car: Dimensions: 4600*900*1200mm Wheelbase: 900mm Car weight: 500kg Motor speed: 600 rpm/min Speed: 25 km/h Insulation class: B-level voltage 48V Workbench height from the ground: 600mm Electric water billet vehicle configuration for brick factory: 1. Speed u200bu200bcontrol controller: epoxy potting, waterproof and shockproof, under-voltage protection and other functions. 2. Motor: Famous brand pure copper steel wheel 910W series-excited motor, with large torque and long service life. 3. Frame: high-quality galvanized steel, spray paint, multiple anti-rust treatments. 4. Charger: Intelligent automatic charger, easy to use, fully charged, and can extend battery life. 5. Malata battery: a single set of guaranteed weight of 60 kg, tubular large-capacity battery, long continuous working time. 6. Tires: Chinese famous brand inner and outer tires with long service life. 7. Rear axle: large differential, thickened half shaft and quenched at high temperature, high torque.
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