Maintenance conditions of electric tricycles in winter

by:Mainbon     2022-02-16
1. Prevent over-discharge
After the battery is discharged to the termination voltage, the continuous discharge is called over-discharge. Over-discharge will seriously damage the battery, which is extremely detrimental to the electrical performance and cycle life of the battery.
When the battery is discharged to the terminal voltage, the internal resistance is relatively large, and the electrolyte concentration is very thin, especially in the hole and the surface of the electrode plate, which are almost neutral. , obvious heat (even heat deformation), at this time, the concentration of lead sulfate is particularly large, and the possibility of short-circuiting of crystalline branches increases. Moreover, lead sulfate will crystallize into larger particles at this time, that is, irreversible sulfation will be formed, which will further increase Internal resistance, charging recovery ability is very poor, or even impossible to repair. When the battery is used, it should prevent over-discharge, and it is a very effective measure to take 'under-voltage protection'. In addition, since the 'under-voltage protection' of the tricycle.html' target='_blank'>electric tricycle is controlled by the controller, other devices other than the controller, such as voltmeters, indicators and other power-consuming appliances, are directly powered by the battery, and the power supply is generally not controlled. The electric tricycle lock (switch) starts to use electricity once it is closed. Although the current is small, overdischarge will occur if it is discharged for a long time (1 to 2 weeks). Therefore, the lock should not be opened for a long time, and it should be turned off immediately when not in use.
2. Prevention of overcharging
Overcharging has been described above. Overcharging will increase the water loss of the battery, accelerate the corrosion of the grid, soften the active material, and increase the probability of deformation of the battery. The occurrence of overcharging should be avoided as much as possible; the parameters of the charger should be well matched with the battery, and the operating conditions of the battery in the high temperature season should be fully understood, as well as the changes during the entire service life. Do not place the battery in an overheated environment during use, especially when charging, keep it away from heat sources. After the battery is heated, take cooling measures, and the battery can be charged when the battery temperature returns to normal. The installation position of the battery should ensure good heat dissipation as much as possible, stop charging when it is found to be overheated, and check the charger and battery. When the depth of discharge of the battery is shallow or the ambient temperature is high, the charging time should be shortened.
3. Prevent short circuit
When the battery is in short circuit state, its short circuit current can reach hundreds of amperes. The stronger the short-circuit contact, the greater the short-circuit current, so all the connection parts will generate a lot of heat, and the weaker links will generate more heat, which will fuse the connection and cause a short circuit. The battery may generate explosive gas locally (or the explosive gas accumulated during charging), and sparks will be generated when the connection is fused, which will cause the battery to explode; if the short-circuit time of the battery is short or the current is not particularly large, the connection may not be caused. However, there will still be overheating in the short circuit, which will damage the adhesive around the connecting strip, leaving hidden dangers such as leakage. Therefore, the battery must not be short-circuited. Special care should be taken when installing or using it. The tools used should be insulated. When connecting, the electrical appliances other than the battery should be connected first. After inspection, there is no short-circuit. Finally, connect the battery. Wiring specifications It should be well insulated to prevent rupture due to overlapping pressure.
4. Prevent loose and loose connections.
If the contact is not firm and the degree is relatively light, poor conduction will occur, causing the contact part of the line to heat up, the line loss will be large, and the output voltage will be low, which will affect the motor power and make the The mileage is reduced or it cannot be ridden normally; if the contact between the terminal components is not strong (most faults are at the terminal and the connection joint), the terminal will generate a lot of heat, which will affect the combination of the terminal and the sealant. There will be a phenomenon of 'climbing acid' leakage. If the contact is not strong during driving or charging, an open circuit may occur. When the circuit is opened, a strong spark may be generated, which may ignite the explosive gas inside the battery (especially the battery that has just been charged, because the explosive gas in the battery may be ignited). more, and the battery has enough power, the spark is stronger when the circuit is disconnected, and the possibility of explosion is quite large).
6, do not blindly pursue power. The greater the power of the electric tricycle of the same brand, the stronger the power, but the greater the loss of battery. If it is not particularly needed, it is not recommended to buy a high-power electric tricycle, such as 1000w or larger. Because the higher the power, the shorter the relative battery life, and the higher the cost of replacing the battery.
7, in the purchase, pay attention to the test ride. When buying an electric tricycle, don't leave after paying the money, and be sure to test ride, especially after loading. How comfortable is it, whether it will be smooth, how tight the brakes are, whether the lights will be on, whether the horn will sound, etc.

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