Maintenance method of electric bicycle after rain

by:Mainbon     2021-09-17
How to maintain electric bicycles after the rain Electric bicycles suffer the most in the rainy season every year, so how should we maintain electric bicycles after the rain? Let me introduce two-wheeled electric bicycles. First: After heavy rain, check the controller after wading and driving. If there is not a lot of water in the controller, you can put it in a ventilated place to dry before using it. If a large amount of water enters the controller, it should be repaired at the relevant maintenance station in time to prevent short-circuit of the power supply and burning of the transmission and motor. Second: When the electric bicycle is dried in time after rain, it is best to remove the battery and store it indoors. After the electric bicycle is exposed to the rain, do not rush into the battery to connect to the power source. This practice may cause a short circuit. After heavy rain, the electric bicycle can be placed in a ventilated place to dry. Before putting in the battery and powering on it, wipe the battery and the connection socket with a rag or paper towel to avoid power connection. Third: Pay attention to the tires on rainy days. Pay attention to the tires on rainy days. The ground is easy to slip. When traveling, you must change the tires in time. It is best to choose tires with drainage patterns. Fourth: Dry the battery before charging. If the battery is accidentally wetted by rain, do not rush to charge it. You should wait for it to dry before charging. Fifth: When parking an electric bicycle in rainy days, it is best to cover it with a plastic sheet to protect the electric bicycle controller from being wet by rain. The above is the content introduced to you. You can learn more about it, and I hope it can help you. Previous: About the choice of electric bicycle charger Next: Analysis of the difference between electric bicycles and mopeds
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