Maintenance method of electric scooter battery repair

by:Mainbon     2021-10-01
Maintenance methods for repairing electric scooters battery If electric scooters are not used for a long time or stored under power loss for a long time, the battery will be damaged, so it is necessary for us to maintain the battery, and it is necessary for some mildly damaged batteries. Learn some repair methods, let's take a look at the repair methods of electric scooter batteries with our Electric Scooter Industry Co., Ltd. Here are some ways to restore the battery: 1. High-voltage charging and deep discharge repair: (applicable to electric scooter stroke reduction 1/2 battery) A 60V charger to 48V battery 8B light bulb or electric stove wire to discharge the battery 0V, (no power on), discharging do not discharge separately or in parallel 2. Battery reconfiguration: (applicable to electric scooter stroke reduction 1/2 or drum battery) A select the old drum battery to replace the old battery load The voltage is 11.4V-12.7V, and the terminal voltage is about 13.2V. B. The electric scooter can run. Set up the electric scooter to run idling. Use a universal meter to measure the voltage of each battery. Replace the battery with a low-voltage battery. The load voltage is 11.4V-12.7V, and the terminal voltage is about 13.2V. 3. The operation to add the battery to repair the liquid effect is significant (1) add distilled water (2) add the coppersmith nano carbon sol battery agent: A electric scooter slope power, stroke reduction 1/3B electric scooter battery has been used about. (3) Keep the battery fully charged. Every 10-15Km of the electric moped should be charged to make the battery in a full state during the period of time, and the vulcanization capacity will decrease when the battery is used up after being idle for a few times. When choosing a method, you must distinguish the situation and repair it in a targeted manner. Don't use the wrong method. If the battery is seriously damaged, you must ask a professional to repair it or directly replace it with a new battery. For more news, please continue to pay attention to the official website of our Electric Scooter Industry Co., Ltd. Thank you. Prev: What conveniences can the charging station of electric scooters bring to life Next: How much mileage does the electric scooter reach the standard when it is fully charged?
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