Maintenance method of electric tricycle

by:Mainbon     2021-06-12
1. When riding a bicycle, you should not overload, place heavy objects and bring people, to prevent damage to the battery and motor. 2. Bicycle lubricating oil is often used. According to the application, the front axle, rear axle, bottom axle, flywheel, front fork, shock absorber change fulcrum and other parts should be wiped and smoothed every six months to a year. 3. It is normal that the electric bicycle feels heavier when backing, and there will be subtle clashes in the wheel hub of the forward promotion. 4. Electric tricycles should be kept away from places where the air is humid, the temperature is too high, and there are corrosive gases to prevent chemical corrosion on the electroplating paint surface of metal parts. 5. Electric tricycles should not be exposed to the sun and rain for a long time to prevent damage to the internal components of the manipulator, resulting in operational failure and accidents. 6. When traveling on a water-filled road on a rainy day, proceed normally under the condition that the depth of the water does not exceed the middle of the electric wheel. If the water depth of the road area exceeds the middle of the electric wheel, the electric wheel may seep water and cause problems. 7. Before starting the electric tricycle, check whether the battery box can be locked firmly and whether the lights on the display panel can be displayed normally. 8. The local layout of electrical control is messy, and users should not disassemble or repair privately. If the local charging voltage is not stable and punctual, it is easy to blow the charger fuse. It is recommended to use a communication regulator.
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