Maintenance of electric scooter battery

by:Mainbon     2021-10-01

Household electric scooters have different service life due to brand or quality problems. Of course, human factors cannot be ruled out. They may not be cared for in normal use or have done some behaviors that damage the electric scooters without knowing it. However, then again, the premature aging and short-lived of electric scooters are more on the battery. Here are some reasons why batteries are short-lived. You can pay attention to them in your daily life. 1. The battery needs to be maintained every 6 months, so the service life will be extended a lot, but the car owner does not have this awareness. Most of the battery damage starts from excessive water loss caused by the charger. 2. The charger is the killer. Divided into inferior chargers and aging chargers, these battery killers generally play a killer role after the battery 8 months. The reason is that the new battery meets the taste of these battery killers. As the battery ages, the battery can no longer meet the killer's requirements. By June of each year, the battery quickly loses water and becomes scrapped. 3. The motor controller is damaged, causing the battery to be short-lived. The probability is not high, but there are many. 4. Riding without power loss, naturally long life. The new battery can be charged every time the electricity is used above the red light, but it cannot be driven without power. Every time you lose power, the lifespan will be shorter, and the new battery will quickly become obsolete after 10 times of power loss. Charge it in time to avoid loss of power. 5. The most important point is to charge reasonably: Ideally, you can choose to charge the battery once when the depth of discharge is 50%-70%, so that the battery life can reach the best effect. If you want the battery to last longer, you must pay attention to maintenance during normal use, at least to reduce the damage to the battery. I hope you can adopt the above maintenance methods. Thank you for your attention. If you want to get more information, please continue to pay attention to us. Previous: How to buy electric scooters-battery selection Next: Electric scooters need to be checked regularly during use
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