Maintenance of electric vehicles in winter

by:Mainbon     2021-06-23
Winter is coming. Plastic and rubber products tend to become hard and brittle at low temperatures, and the wear coefficient of mechanical parts will increase sharply after being below minus 10 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is recommended that you adjust the maintenance cycle appropriately to ensure the performance and longevity of electric vehicles.   In winter, the first thing to check is the freezing point of the engine antifreeze. Ensure that the freezing point is at least 5 degrees Celsius below the local historical minimum temperature. If improper maintenance causes the engine block or water tank to freeze and crack, it will cause very serious economic losses.   In order to ensure adequate lubrication of the engine at low temperatures, it is recommended to use 5W engine oil in winter. Gear oils should also be of higher viscosity grade.  The other additive that needs attention is glass cleaning fluid. Although the consequences it can cause are not serious, it will still make the car go to the “hospital”. Glass water with low freezing point will freeze the liquid storage tank and the water spray motor, and the glass wiper without the water sprayer will not be able to exert its full efficiency, laying a hidden danger for driving in snowy days with unclear vision.   There is an important component in winter that needs special attention, it is the electric tricycle battery. Due to the decrease of the environmental temperature, the internal chemical reaction speed of the battery decreases. In addition, the internal resistance increases, and the viscosity of the electrolyte increases, which reduces the working capacity.   For every 1 degree Celsius decrease in electrolyte temperature, the rated capacity of the battery will decrease by more than 1%, and the internal resistance will increase by more than 1.5%. The inspection items of the battery include electrolyte specific gravity, electrolyte level, corrosion of pile head, and whether the appearance is deformed. If you have conditions, you can also use a special tester to check the battery's performance and analyze its aging degree, so as to replace the low residual value in time to prevent the hidden danger of being unable to start. Regarding the maintenance of electric vehicles in winter, the last thing I want to remind friends is that ice stains are likely to remain on the glass in winter. Do not use hot water to remove the ice on the windshield, otherwise it will cause the windshield to burst.
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