Market analysis of electric vehicles

by:Mainbon     2021-05-05
In 1999, Lu Guanqiu quietly started the electric tricycle project; in March 2002, the Zhejiang Wanxiang Electric Vehicle Development Center was formally established; since 2002, Wanxiang started the polymer lithium-ion power battery project and successfully acquired Zhejiang Jiaxing Atech Company , Introduced the world's advanced battery manufacturing technology at that time; Wanxiang Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., reorganized in 2005, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wanxiang Group. In the context of energy depletion and environmental degradation, these 'good' news all reveal that the spring of electric vehicles is coming. 'Substituting electricity for oil' is becoming a development trend to alleviate the global energy shortage, and electric vehicles are therefore standing at the commanding heights of the global automotive industry. my country lags behind in traditional automobile manufacturing, so electric vehicles are used as a new arena for catching up. With the strong support of the state, all automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers all over the country are gearing up to gain a share in the future automobile industry. The appearance of an electric car is no different from a normal car. The difference is that an electric car has a battery box on its back. The instrument panel has a special liquid crystal display to display the current and voltage conditions. The pipes and lines of ordinary cars are gone. According to the 'battery-motor-electronic control-electric vehicle' plan, Wanxiang has now completed the development of pure electric cars and pure electric buses, and has been put into trial operation, but there is still some time before industrialization. In the past 10 years, Wanxiang has invested more than 300 million yuan in electric vehicles, but the output of orders is very few. 'The company now has more than 200 technical personnel, many of whom are returned, Ph.D., and masters. Just paying employees is a big number.' Wang Wei, manager of the company's management department, smiled a little embarrassed. There is no roaring machine noise, no shuttle people, in the workshop of Wanxiang Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., various types of pure electric vehicle prototypes and models are displayed. 'This is a mobile service vehicle customized by the State Grid Corporation of China. This is an electric bus. This is an electric sports car exported to the UK.' The staff took the reporter to visit.
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