my country's electric tricycle industry is booming

by:Mainbon     2021-06-17
After 2000, the technology of electric bicycles continued to improve, the market demand continued to expand, and the entire electric bicycle industry grew stronger and stronger. In 2001, the national output was only 590,000 vehicles. By 2006, it has exceeded 20 million vehicles, and so far, it has been close to 70 to 80 million vehicles. Sun Li, secretary-general of the Professional Committee of Electric Vehicles of the China Electrical Workers Association, believes that there is a huge market demand for electric bicycles, especially for the affluent towns and the central and western regions, electric bicycles will have their own abilities.  Associate Professor of the Transportation Research Institute of Tsinghua University said that compared with cars, electric bicycles have some advantages: they require little space and consume little energy. China currently owns 100 million motor vehicles, and consumes nearly 100 million tons of transportation fuel each year, of which 70 million tons are consumed by automobiles. If China reaches the level of car ownership in the United States, which consumes 1 billion tons of oil every year, big cities should advocate economical transportation modes. Electric bicycles have three advantages: energy saving, environmental protection, and health. They are very suitable for this model and should become an important option for Chinese people to travel.   Experts said that according to Article 43 of my country’s new 'Energy Conservation LawThe 'Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China' stipulates that non-motor vehicles include electric bicycles, bicycles, and vehicles for the disabled. Therefore, from a legal point of view, electric bicycles that belong to the national standard are already a means of transportation in the scope of encouraging development in our country. Jiajiale rainproof awning wins new business opportunities in the electric tricycle market. Jiajiale rainproof awning can effectively solve the problem of rainproof and sunshade when riding an electric tricycle. Its structure includes a frame body and a awning body. The frame body is composed of The same two parallel curved support rods are composed of a backrest body between the vertical parts of the two parallel curved support rods, and the upper part of the vertical parts of the two parallel curved support rods have inserting rod holes and fixing bolts. Two parallel curved support rods There is a fixed head at the end of the transverse part, and a canopy body supported by a fixed bolt is installed in the rod hole. The canopy body is equipped with a rainproof and sunshade that extends forward. The front of the canopy body is equipped with a folding or movable arm. The lowered wind- and rain-proof transparent cover, the front upper part and the front eaves of the canopy are respectively equipped with fixed hook noses corresponding to the wind- and rain-proof transparent cover. The structure is novel and unique, the design is reasonable, and it is suitable for changes in wind without affecting riding. Safety, easy installation and use, sturdy and durable, long life, good rainproof, sunshade and windproof effect. The electric bicycle industry has formed the following advantages:  Product advantage: Jiajiale electric tricycle rain-proof awning is elegant, novel and fashionable, beautiful in appearance, and multi-purpose... Riders truly appreciate the enjoyment of two-wheeled cars. Brand advantage: Jiajiale electric tricycle rain awning has beautiful appearance, stylish shape, simple installation, convenient use, humanized design, every family needs it, everyone can afford it, shelter from wind and rain, beautiful colors, decorate life, people See people love. Technical advantages: Jiajiale electric tricycle rain awning is made of excellent materials and reasonable structure. It adopts curved wide-angle windshield, and has an assembly line drop-shaped appearance with low resistance, which allows cyclists to have a wider field of vision, more convenient and safer driving. Riders bring more convenience and benefits, rain or shine, and the scorching sun, so that cyclists can truly have their own two-wheeled cars. Zhongnong Limin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is located in Yongfeng Science and Technology Industrial Base, Haidian District, Beijing. Xixiwang Town, relying on Beijing’s high-tech advantages, using the base’s successful management model, introducing a successful technical innovation service system, and building a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship for investors, the Jiajiale electric tricycle rain awning is our company’s What the common people think is a new product developed for the people’s background. This product integrates protection from rain and sun, wind and sand, ice and snow, so that cyclists can get more comfort and have a more fashionable life. Electric tricycles equipped with rain-proof awnings are more economical than four-wheeled sedans, allowing ordinary people to get the high-end enjoyment of two-wheeled sedans. Whenever the storm comes, the sun is blazing, and the snow is blowing, sitting in a two-wheeled electric tricycle is like sitting in a comfortable four-wheeled sedan, rain or shine. Based on the concept of people-oriented and technological innovation, the company truly creates practical technological products for ordinary people, repays society, and repays all new and old friends who have supported and paid attention to Jiajiale products for a long time.
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