New battery swap technology for electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2022-02-13
One of the main reasons why electric tricycles have not become popular is that charging is frequent and takes a long time. A California company is demonstrating a new battery swap technology to solve this problem.

Better Place, founded two years ago, has unveiled a power swap station in Yokohama, hoping to arouse enthusiasm for this unique technology among several major Japanese carmakers, government officials and consumers. Agassi, the company's founder and chief executive, said that he hopes to build a ubiquitous network of charging stations, coupled with a series of swap stations, drivers who drive long-distance vehicles can quickly exchange new electricity for old ones.

This 'quick change' model has been hailed as the most promising and innovative development of zero-emission vehicles, but there are many obstacles to the popularization of electric tricycles. The car factory should adjust the lithium battery of electric tricycles before mass production, and ensure that the battery is safe and durable. Without the huge government funding, the price of the electric tricycle itself is too expensive for the general public. Financially troubled automakers have yet to know which new technology will win out in the market. The Nissan-Renault Alliance has partnered with Better Place to build a network of electric tricycles in Israel and Denmark. Nissan, Japan's third-largest car manufacturer, is researching the launch of plug-charging electric tricycles in 2010, and mass production globally two years later. Whatever form it takes, Agassi is sure the infrastructure will be in place before the electric tricycle hits the track.

Agassi also pointed out that the swap station can serve different battery types of vehicles, and the construction cost is about 500,000 US dollars (about 3.9 million Hong Kong dollars). 15.6 million HKD) construction costs are much cheaper. Better Place's power station offers a battery swap service, allowing drivers to be back on the road in as little as 40 seconds. The driver only needs to drive the car on the platform of the power station, and the underground device will take out the old battery under the car and install the new one.

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