New regulations for electric bicycles have come out again! Behind it is the lesson of blood

by:Mainbon     2021-09-27
New regulations for electric bicycles have come out again! There is a lesson of blood behind it. Since August 1, the 'E-Bike After-sales Service Specification' has been implemented, stipulating that electric bicycle after-sales service outlets are not allowed to live in, and no one in the store is not allowed to charge. Let me introduce the specific details of the two-wheeled electric bicycle. This regulation is to avoid the most prone danger of electric bicycles-fire! In recent years, electric bicycles have become the preferred 'single product' for many people to travel. However, there are more and more electric bicycle fires caused by charging. Electric bicycle charging accidents occur frequently, most of which are caused by people's improper charging and unsafe use of electricity: 1. Circuit battery failure The electric bicycle's own electrical circuit is short-circuited, the charger circuit is overloaded, and the battery failure can easily cause fires. 2. The charging time is too long. Generally, electric bicycles can be fully charged within 8-10 hours. If the power is not disconnected for a long time after fully charged, the electronic components in the charger are likely to overheat, which can easily lead to short circuits and sparks, which may cause a fire. 3. When electric bicycles parked on the first floor of a building are charged indoors on the first floor of a building, if a fire occurs, flames and thick smoke will block the safety exits and escape routes of the building, which can easily cause casualties, and even cause mass deaths and fires. accident. 4. Cushions, lamps and other combustion-supporting luxury electric bicycle enclosures, cushions and lamps are mostly made of polymer materials. These polymer materials have good burning performance and fast burning speed, and will produce a large amount of toxic fumes when burned, which can lead to poisoning and casualties. 5. Improper maintenance. If you find non-professionals to repair the electric bicycle, blindly modify the internal wiring during the maintenance process, which may cause the wiring to be incorrectly connected and cause a fire hazard. Therefore, when we charge the electric bicycle, we must pay attention to the following details to avoid fire! 1. Pay attention to the charging time, it is best to charge during the day. When charging an electric bicycle at night and in the early morning, due to factors such as reduced vigilance and long charging time, it is easy to cause problems such as fire and lag detection. Therefore, charging is best performed during the day when someone is caring for it. Once you find that the small light on the charger turns green, you should unplug it as soon as possible. 2. Pay attention to the charging environment and eliminate hidden fire hazards. When charging, it's best to be in a ventilated and temperature-adjustable environment to avoid exposure to the sun and rain when the vehicle is stored. Avoid parking electric bicycles in the corridor, away from flammable and explosive materials. 3. Strengthen self-examination and self-examination, and don't modify it blindly. In normal daily life, the inspection of electric bicycle wires and circuits should be strengthened to prevent poor contact from causing contact points to ignite and heat, and to avoid short circuits and series accidents caused by aging and wear of the lines. In addition to charging electric bicycles, we also need to pay attention to electricity safety in other electricity use scenarios in our daily lives. Such as power failures, timely replacement of unqualified electrical equipment, and not pulling and connecting wires indiscriminately. The above is the content for everyone to introduce, you can learn more about it in detail, I hope it can help you. Previous post: Does your electric bicycle have 3C certification? How to buy an electric bicycle? Next: What are the three guarantees for electric bicycles not included?
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