New technology for the development of Luyuan electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2022-02-08
All along, through the breakthrough and upgrade of product design, Luyuan has realized the gorgeous turn of Luyuan's brand image, making the product steadily advance in the direction of 'fashion, passion, and tasteWith stable and reliable product quality, efficient after-sales service and innovative technology, Luyuan has achieved excellent results and a good reputation!
In terms of technology, with continuous technological innovation for more than ten years, Luyuan can be said to lead the technological trend of the development of the electric tricycle industry. The complete production and manufacturing system enables Luyuan to independently develop, manufacture and test a series of key components such as batteries, motors, controllers, chargers, frames, and surface treatment; 'National Technology Enterprise” and so on are all affirmations of Luyuan. With its excellent quality and good brand reputation, through unremitting efforts and exploration, Luyuan has finally become an iconic brand in the electric tricycle industry, not only growing rapidly, but also promoting the entire industry. healthy development.
In terms of quality, 'quality first' has always been the principle and mission of Luyuan people. For a long time, Luyuan not only pays attention to the Ru0026D and innovation of key components, but also pays more attention to the production process and strictly controls the product quality. Since its establishment, Luyuan has established its professional image in the electric tricycle industry with its excellent quality, and has won the recognition and love of consumers with its good brand reputation.
In terms of service, in the face of fierce market competition, merchants' promotional methods emerge in an endless stream, and all kinds of 'gimmicks' for publicity are dazzling. However, in terms of services, many manufacturers still only stay on slogans and do not have their own actions. . However, recently, the reporter learned from Luyuan electric tricycle that in order to provide practical services to consumers, Luyuan Group has established a UGB service center to provide consumers with many services such as battery rental, trade-in, emergency turnover, and charger configuration optimization.


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