Passenger and passenger-cargo electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-06-18
Passenger-type electric tricycles are mainly used for urban passenger transportation. Their main characteristics are strong carrying capacity, which can seat five to six people. The battery capacity is relatively large, and the body is heavier and longer. Generally, it uses a mid-mounted electric motor or a differential motor. As the driving method of the rear axle. The battery capacity is large, the motor power is large, the voltage is high, and the stroke is relatively long. At the same time, there are assistant pedals, which can be used when power is low, no power, or when going uphill or starting. This kind of passenger-type jog tricycle is mostly used in urban and rural passenger transport or rental. The speed is relatively high, the body is relatively large, the wheelbase is relatively long, and the stability is relatively good. The passenger-cargo dual-purpose electric tricycle combines the advantages of passenger and freight transportation, with more uses and a wider range of applications. Generally, the mid-mounted electric motor or the speed motor is the same as the rear axle drive, which can not only carry people, but also carry goods, whether it is urban or rural. Its electric motor power, battery capacity, and battery pack voltage are higher, so that the vehicle speed is higher, the power is stronger, and the travel distance is longer. At the same time, the steel used in the body is thicker and the marking is higher, and at the same time the cost of the whole vehicle is higher.
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