Pay attention to electric tricycles on rainy days

by:Mainbon     2021-06-15
Opening and closing of the electric door: In order to ensure safety, the electric door of the electric bicycle is opened when getting on the car, and should be closed in time when parking or driving to prevent accidental turning of the speed control knob, which may cause the vehicle to start suddenly and cause an accident. Do not use the brake handle and the speed control handle at the same time during riding, because the brake handle is a braking component, which has a power-off interlock function to stop the motor; while the handle is turned on and the motor continues to run, so that the motor is in operation. The car can't move, it will cause overload and damage.   When driving on rainy days, be careful not to drive while riding with an umbrella. Wear a poncho to be tight. Don't let the poncho float up for a ride to prevent the poncho from being caught by other things or blocking your view. It is advisable to implement up and down steps to avoid damage to parts caused by drop. For wading riding, it is not advisable for the water depth to exceed the center line of the in-wheel motor (take the 16 car with the smallest wheel diameter as an example, approximately no more than 200mm). In addition, the controller is generally installed in the lowest position of the frame, and it is also easy to be damaged by water. In this regard, electric tricycles are different from electric tricycles, and the water depth can be slightly higher.
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