Pay attention to the maintenance of the battery on the electric tricycle II

by:Mainbon     2022-02-14
The general approach is to fully discharge the battery on a regular basis. The way to fully discharge is to ride to the first undervoltage protection under normal load conditions on a flat road. We place special emphasis on the first undervoltage protection. After the first undervoltage protection of the battery, the voltage of the battery will rise after a period of time, and it will return to the non-undervoltage state. If the battery is used again at this time, it will cause great damage to the battery. After the complete discharge is completed, the battery is fully charged. You will feel that the battery capacity has increased. Regular deep discharge. A regular deep discharge of the battery is also beneficial to 'revitalize' the battery, which can slightly increase the battery's capacity. After the battery is discharged, the vulcanization process begins, and obvious vulcanization occurs after 12 hours. Timely charging can remove minor vulcanization. If not charged in time, these vulcanized crystals will accumulate and gradually form coarse crystals. General chargers are powerless to these coarse crystals, and will gradually form a decrease in battery capacity and shorten the battery life. battery life. Therefore, in addition to charging every day, you should also pay attention to charging as soon as possible after use to keep the battery in a full state as much as possible.
Pay attention to the charging environment. A special reminder is that when the battery is in the northern winter and enters a warm room at a low temperature outdoors, frost and condensation will appear on the surface of the battery. In order to avoid battery leakage caused by frost and condensation, the battery should be charged after the battery temperature rises to close to the room temperature and is dry. The best ambient temperature for charging is 25°C. At present, most chargers do not have an automatic control system that adapts to the ambient temperature, so most chargers are designed according to the ambient temperature of 25°C, so charging at 25°C is better. Otherwise, the problem of undercharging in winter and overcharging in summer will inevitably occur. However, when the ambient temperature is really 25 °C, it is relatively small, so there must be a problem of overcharging in summer and undercharging in winter. Fortunately, most families now have indoor temperature regulation conditions. When charging, it is best to arrange the battery and charger in a ventilated and temperature-regulated environment.
Develop some good habits to save electricity. Take advantage of gliding as much as possible. When going downhill, use the power off in advance to coast down as much as possible. Enter the taxi ahead of time when you are about to encounter a traffic light to minimize braking. A friend told me he would rather have one more turn and one less brake, which makes sense. When starting, it is best to add riding assistance, which can not only improve the starting speed, but also reduce battery power loss and life damage. Take advantage of repair conditions Many e-bike dealers can provide battery repair and repair services, and you should take full advantage of these services.
Some brands of electric bicycles propose to overhaul the battery. For example, regular maintenance of the battery can reduce the damage to the battery. Repairs to the battery's state of charge can mitigate 'battery lag' failures that are a breeze for dealers equipped with repair capabilities. For water loss, replenishing water when the battery capacity is 70% is more effective than replenishing water when the battery capacity is 40%. Even some brands of products also propose: not overhauling by the specified time is equivalent to giving up the warranty period of the battery. causing consumers to suffer losses that should not have occurred. Consumers should make full use of the conditions of battery maintenance to extend the service life of the battery. Through these methods, users can greatly extend the life of the battery. The continuation mileage of some users is relatively short, the service life of the battery is relatively long, and some problems are relatively difficult to find. Therefore, the 'deep discharge' measure mentioned in Article 4 is also an effective method to detect battery problems in time. Don't wait for serious battery problems to be difficult to deal with.
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