Phenomena caused by spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles

by:Mainbon     2021-05-28
Don’t be too troublesome to ride an electric bike. It’s best to start riding with pedals first, and then slowly accelerate. The battery is afraid of heat in summer, so you must not touch open flames and avoid direct sunlight. Use the charger to confirm the model, voltage and frequency to meet the requirements. After riding for 3 months, change the positions of the first and second blocks on the battery pack. In another three months, the first block and the third block will be exchanged. You can go to the store to ask a professional master for help. Recently, there have been many fires caused by spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles in our city. Professionals remind cyclists not to use the 'three-no' battery. If abnormalities are found during driving, they must be repaired in time. Once a fire ignites, the battery may explode. People around you should stay away from the staff of the electric tricycle manufacturer. Spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles can be prevented. Relevant staff also reminded that an explosion is likely to occur during the spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles. Once the spontaneous combustion of the car is found, it is best not to stand around. First of all, you should avoid the rain of electric vehicles, avoid water entering the line after passing through water, and avoid overheating the battery after exposure; secondly, when charging electric vehicles, do not charge multiple electric vehicles at the same time on one plug-in board, and the charging time is not allowed. More than 8 hours, otherwise it will not only accelerate battery aging, but also cause short circuit and fire; in addition, after the service life of electric tricycle batteries expires, you should go to a regular place to buy reliable batteries, and you cannot use unlicensed repair points to replace old batteries and ' 'Three-no' battery; finally, the cyclist should pay attention to the abnormalities in the driving of the electric bicycle, and fix the problem in time.
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